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The 3 Strings is a Melbourne based radio program on community radio station 3MDR 97.1fm. The show features a large variety of music including classic and modern rock, swing, hip hop and other music from local artists. The program can be heard from 5-7pm on Thursdays.

After working in a small radio program at school, Nick and DAP! wanted to take their interest in radio programming further. In early 2005, they went to 3MDR just up the road from their school and asked if they could do a show. Nick also asked long time friend Jess to join as well and they three started training at the station. A few weeks later The 3 Strings began at 11pm on Monday nights and went to 1am, later on the show was extended to 2am. Later on the show was moved to 4-6pm on Fridays. In early 2006, due to time complications, the show was moved back an hour to 3-5pm. Due to other commitments, this new time made it hard for all Strings to be at the program, so eventually the show was moved to 5-7pm on Thursdays where it remains.

The name “3 Strings” was made up in Nick’s car. The three were deciding what to call the show. Different words with 3 in front of them were being made up like 3 vacuum cleaners, 3 radio hosts, and 3 whatever. Then an announcement over the radio (Tuned in to 3MDR) was advertising guitar strings. “What about three strings?” was announced by one of us. The name sounded silly and the three stuck with it.





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